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 Method #2 Bonesaw Pk's Guide

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Method #2 Bonesaw Pk's Guide Empty
PostSubject: Method #2 Bonesaw Pk's Guide   Method #2 Bonesaw Pk's Guide EmptyWed Mar 30, 2011 5:17 pm

Method #2 Bonesaw Pk's Guide I70emf

This one is basically going to drop partys like this one which I included an Ags and serveral Barrows items. Some drop partys may not be as "what you expected", by saying that which means they won't drop good rares such as Ags unlike me, I do sometimes. I had dropped 2 ags and many more. When going to drop parties remember that it is better then nothing and also respect the drop party owner. I will be doing drop parties every week, which includes many great items as said before. Enjoy your drop parties!!!
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Method #2 Bonesaw Pk's Guide
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