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 Method #1 Bonesaw Pk's Guide

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Method #1 Bonesaw Pk's Guide Empty
PostSubject: Method #1 Bonesaw Pk's Guide   Method #1 Bonesaw Pk's Guide EmptyWed Mar 30, 2011 5:12 pm

Method #1 Bonesaw Pk's Guide 2193tir

Pking/Risk Pking is the #1 fastest way to make money. The screenie clearly show's that I high spec'd my opponent and double ko'd us, because of his veng when I spec'd. So really it was me who ko'd myself lol. Well, what i'm trying to say is that risk pking can be very addicting and fun. It is recommended to risk fight who ever you want. Beware that high riskers have good ko weapons and should be not taken as a joke. If you are messing around while pking your most likely to die. So whenever you have the gear or chance, go risk pking! If you die alot then I suggest you stop and try again later, good luck!
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Method #1 Bonesaw Pk's Guide
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