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 ForeverPkerz Rules

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PostSubject: ForeverPkerz Rules   ForeverPkerz Rules EmptyWed Mar 30, 2011 3:18 pm

Follow these rules and you'll be fine.

1. No Scamming in any way.

2. No advertising of any other server.

3. No bots. Autotyper's aloud if set slow. Autoclickers aloud if you're not AFK.

4. No Looting other people's drops, unless you really need too...

5. No Flaming at all

6. Do not bug staff for items and mod status.

7. Do not share accounts with anybody for any reason.

8. We do not support racism.

9. Do not scam donations, will result in IPban.

10. We do not support 'gbs' fights. If you want to do givebacks, use the Duel Arena.

11. Risking donor items in PvP Is YOUR Responsibility. If you lose them they will NOT be replaced.

12.Every community member is oblighted to listen to staff members, if not done so they are allowed to take actions.

13. Bug abusing is strictly forbidden and should be reported on the forums.

14.X-Logging (Logging out during combat intentionally) Is not allowed During a DC you will Die so there is a distinction.(You must have video proof of this screenshot will not work given the fact that you can right click someones name as they walk away and fram them , it is advised you start to vid your rights to stop X-Logging)

15.Farming Pk Points is an Ipban

16. Absolutely No swearing on ::yell, It results in an automatic ban.

-Failure to abide by these rules will result in suspension of your account for a period chosen by the staff.
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ForeverPkerz Rules
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