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 Higher Force Clan

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PostSubject: Higher Force Clan   Wed Mar 23, 2011 6:19 pm

Keep up the good work guys!

-I Bonesaw I



Moderaters (Clan)

-Jag Is The X


What does a Warlord do?
-Well they are the ones who challenge other clans to wars and lead the wars when i'm not here.

What does a Moderator in the clan do?
-They help monitor the clan and make sure they follow the rules.

Owner: Ban, kick, commands, & decides all decisions.

Co-Owner: Ban, kick, & commands.

Warlords: Lead the clan, & commands sometimes.

Moderators: kicks to help weed out the bad members.
(Has to tell me who he wants to kick, and I have to approve it.)

Members: Has no powers.
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Higher Force Clan
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